Thursday, 6 October 2016

How I edit my thumbnails! (9 easy steps)

Yep, today's post is quite late. It took me quite a while to figure out what way I was going to interpret today's blog prompt. But this is what I came up with! I love watching/reading tutorials on how people edit their thumbnails because I find it so much fun haha! Here's my step by step tutorial on how I edit my thumbnails!!

Step 1 - Take your photos and upload them to the computer!

Step 2 - 

Go to a photo editing website. I tend to use PicMonkey because it's just what I've been used to using. It's really easy to use and free so I'm all for it haha.

Step 3 - 

Click on 'Edit'. This will open up your computer files, where you can select the picture you wish to use as your thumbnail!

Step 4 - 

Once the photo has uploaded, I like to change some of the exposures just to make my photos look a little brighter! This can be found in the Basic Edits tab. *You can skip this step you like! It's not essential!*

Step 5 - 

Next, In the Overlays section I set out what I call 'banners' to make sure my title is easy to read! I use the geometric rectangle, but you can use any that you feel appeals most to you, obviously. :) 

Step 6 - 

I then position my banner wherever I think is best, and then fade it out quite a bit. I just feel like this makes it look a tiny bit more subtle. I just really like faded things haha. I also tilt mine a little, too. 

Step 7 - 

I tend to divide my title into 2 banners so that I can make the words bigger, therefore making the title easier for you all to read. So, I right click on the first banner and select 'Duplicate overlay'. This is basically a 'copy and paste' in one click.

Step 8 - 

This is my favourite part. I add some text on top of the banners, which you can do in the Text tab. PicMonkey provides you with plenty of fonts, but I like to use some of my own. You can find some absolutely gorgeous fonts on! I'll redjust the size and tilt it to ensure it's inside the banners. 

Step 9 - 

Finally, I save my image in the highest quality to my computer, and then upload it onto my blog post. 

And that's it! It's super simple and once you get the hang of it, it'll only take you a couple of minutes to make! Thumbnails are super important, in my opinion, to help attract readers to a post! Plus, they're just so much fun to make! You can add stickers and everything! Whatever makes you happy!

I hope you all found this useful :) 

I'll see you tomorrow!

Love, Laura xx


  1. This was so useful and such a comprehensive tutorial! Great job :-)